Handsome Garage Brotherhood of the Midnight Mechanic.

What Is Handsome Garage?

While most of our membership has met and share a passion over automotive pursuits our facilities and skills are broad ranging and diverse.

Our Team

With connections to young upstart fabricators, designers, engineers and ideas we are on the verge of being something big.
Our membership is the best our generation has to offer and hungry for our place at the table.

Our Future

Someday the site will host a portfolio of our members work along with various items for sale and probably a blog to keep the world up on what we're doing
If you're looking to commission a bespoke item reach out to us and we'll put our best minds on it immediately

Contact Us

If you're interested in what we're up to or think you'd like to join our membership then drop us a line here or on social media


We're in-between places
but Canada is where
you'll find us for now

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We don't have a number but
you can call this for fun:

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